Halloween Safety Tips


Tips to Stay Safe and Maintain a BOO-tiful Smile  

We have officially entered the season of all things spooky and scary but did you know that October is also Halloween Safety Month? While trick-or-treating should be all about fun with family, friends and neighbors, unfortunately authorities also see an increase in accidents throughout the Halloween season. That’s why the National Safety Council urges parents to observe the following safety tips during Halloween Safety Month… and be sure to check out Dr. E’s advice below about keeping your smile “safe” from too many sweet, sugary treats this season, too!

Safe Trick-or-Treating Tips:

 Don’t be spooked by the statistics. Adopt these simple precautions to ensure that your family has a fun and safe Halloween:

  • DO avoid motor vehicle accidents on Halloween night by exercising extra vigilance. Carry a flashlight after dark, hold your young child’s hand while crossing the street to trick-or treat and be sure to stay present (aka, off your phone!) as you escort your child from house to house.
  • DO avoid fire hazards by making sure Halloween candles are never left unattended and by keeping open flames safely away from children and pets. Also, avoid putting spooky Halloween lighting where it can get wet/faulty.
  • DO ensure that little ghosts and goblins can breathe, see and be seen well in their costumes after dark. Bright, colorful Halloween costumes are popular for good reason!
  • DO try to trick-or-treat with a neighborhood group as the expression “safety in numbers” applies even more on Halloween night.
  • DO talk to teens and older kids about the importance of keeping any “tricks” or Halloween mischief harmless and safe to avoid the dangers and repercussions of vandalism.
  • DO institute a curfew for older trick-or-treaters and ensure that they carry a cell phone with them for added safety so that you can reach them at any time, if necessary.
  • DO inspect the treats that your child collects. Ensure that candy is safely wrapped and monitor the volume of candy they eat… oh, and make sure they share some yummy favorites with you, of course!

Dr. E’s Halloween Dental Advice:

By all means, the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team hopes your family enjoys Halloween to the fullest. And that means that it is perfectly ok to get into the Halloween “spirit” by eating some Halloween candy and treats. However, these tips from Dr. E will help ensure that there are no “tricks” (for you, your child or Dr. E) during your post-Halloween dental visit:

  • Counter extra sugar intake by keeping up with oral hygiene. Brush twice daily with a fluoride-based toothpaste and brush/floss between treats.
  • Opt for chocolate over hard, sticky candies that are more likely to stick to and damage your teeth.
  • Protect tooth enamel by avoiding sour, tart candies that have a lot of acidity.
  • Enjoy Halloween treats just after mealtime (instead of later in the evening) so that saliva production can help rinse away sugary particles.
  • Up your daily intake of water and healthy fruits and veggies to counterbalance the effects of sugary Halloween candy.
  • Resist the urge to overindulge on Halloween candy by setting aside a limited batch of favorites and donating the rest of the loot to a candy “take back” program.
  • See your dentist regularly — at least twice annually. This will help ensure that your smile stays healthy and bright during Halloween and beyond.

The Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team wishes you and your family a happy, spooky and SAFE Halloween 2022!