You are invited to schedule a personalized consultation to determine if dental crowns are a good option for you.

Dental crowns, usually porcelain, are oftentimes used in conjunction with other dental procedures to create a smile makeover that’s just right for you. Dental crowns are designed to cover a tooth and help restore its normal shape and size.

The intent of a crown, especially porcelain crowns, is to improve the visual appearance of a tooth and to support and strengthen teeth that have experienced structural defects. Contemporary esthetic porcelains can cover a dental implant, repair teeth that have had root canal therapy, fractures, removal of large, decayed or broken fillings, or teeth that may have had trauma due to excessive wear.

Our office prefers porcelain crowns due to its durability, as well as the most accurate color match to your natural teeth. With today’s technology, our team can replace older crowns to give you a more natural smile.

Every patient’s needs are unique, so each case is handled on an individual basis. The creation of a dental crown is typically done within two visits. During the initial appointment, Dr. E will personally examine the affected tooth and gum and have digital X-rays taken to evaluate the best plan for restoration of the site. If she concludes that a crown(s) is the best option, any damage or tooth decay will be gently removed so that an impression of the tooth can be taken. The tooth will then be protected by a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent crown. The second visit is dedicated for the permanent crown placement.

We use superior dental technology and materials to bond your crowns in place. We are proud to offer the highest quality dental materials and partner with high-tech, reputable laboratories in order to achieve the best results for you.

Our primary goal is to give our patients healthy, functional and long-lasting beautiful crowns that create the most natural smile possible and improve well-being.