Oral hygiene or dental hygiene is the foundation for your care by the staff at the office of Janet Euzarraga, DDS.

In Dr. E’s dental office, we strongly believe in taking a preventive approach to dental care.  Dental hygiene services can, in the long term, be the most valuable service we can offer our patients.  More than just “cleaning”, these visits allow us to monitor your health and catch problems early when they are easier and less costly to repair.

Our experienced dental hygienists offer the following services, depending on your needs.

  1. Prophylaxis – the term used for a regular cleaning. A person who would have a regular “prophy” would be someone who does not have any evidence of gum disease in their mouth, such as bleeding, inflammation, periodontal pocketing, or radiographic bone loss.
  2. Scaling and Root Planing – This is our first line of defense against and periodontal disease. It is sometimes referred to as “dee scaling”. Scaling and root planing involves removing all the hardened deposits (calculus or tartar) from under the gumline (on the root surfaces) and above the gumline. (on the enamel surfaces)
  3. Laser Treatment – this procedure removes infected tissue that lies on the inside lining of the periodontal (gum) pocket. It is used after the tooth has been scaled and root planed.
  4. Arestin – an antibiotic placed directly into the periodontal pocket after scaling and root planing. It is made up of microspheres that dissolve over time to kill the bacteria associated with gum disease.
  5. Sealants – a thin resin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (pre-molars and molars). It bonds directly to the tooth, filling in the pits and fissures.  It prevents tooth decay from settling in the pits and fissures of the chewing surface.
  6. Fluoride Varnish – a topical fluoride that helps reduce sensitivity and provides extra tooth enamel protection which prevents tooth decay.