Making sure you feel comfortable about coming to the dentist is Dr. E’s top priority. She wants to ensure your dental exam is something you look forward to.

The entire staff at the office of Janet Euzarraga, DDS will give you the extra time and attention needed to ensure you are at ease with the dental procedure. They will explain the exam and will demonstrate how the instruments or equipment will be used for your dental check-up.

Dr. E will apply the same care and offer her expertise to provide a comprehensive dental examination, evaluating your teeth and supporting structures, such as bone and soft tissue. A thorough periodontal (gum) assessment will be completed to evaluate the health of your gums.

We proudly offer digital radiography which exposes you to significantly less radiation than traditional film. Digital radiography enables us to highlight potential problem areas on a computer screen so that you can see them and help you understand your needs. An oral cancer screening will be completed at each visit to rule out any oral pathology.

Very often, photographs are taken with our intra-oral camera to share with the patient so they can see exactly what we see! All of the pertinent findings are shared on our digital monitors and discussed with patients so they too have a thorough understanding of their oral status.