Should I Get a Second Dental Opinion


Is it OK to get a Second Dental Opinion? Dr. E says YES!

How many times have you left a medical appointment wondering if you received an accurate diagnosis or the right treatment advice? In these moments, it’s only natural to wonder if you should get a second dental opinion — especially when your health and your wallet are involved! Specifically, when it comes to dental work, should you or shouldn’t you get a second opinion?

Not only does Dr. Janet Euzarraga encourage patients to get a second opinion in order to move forward more confidently with dental treatment, she even offers incoming dental patients a FREE second opinion consult. Learn more about the benefits of getting a second opinion from the Dr. E. Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team below:

Signs you should get a second dental opinion

Every patient has the right to a second dental opinion. But when should patients opt to exercise this right? Following are some clear indications that a second dental opinion is prudent:

  • Your dentist hasn’t provided clear communication or answers. Has your dentist suddenly recommended a major dental treatment, such as a root canal, but they are unable or unwilling to adequately explain why the treatment is necessary at this time? Whenever you leave the dental chair with unanswered questions, it is wise to seek a second dental opinion.
  • Your dentist is pushing the recommended treatment too aggressively. A confident, compassionate dentist will take the time to consider and discuss all treatment options and potential outcomes. If your gut tells you that a dentist is relentlessly pushing a major treatment, it may be wise to seek a second opinion.
  • You are concerned about how invasive the dental work will be. Certain dental treatments such as root canals and dental crowns can be extremely effective, but they are also very invasive. In these cases, it is important to ensure that you are in the hands of a capable dentist with the tools and know-how to safely and competently handle your pre and post-treatment needs. Do the necessary research in order to move forward with confidence.
  • Symptoms still persist after initial treatment. Perhaps you sought treatment for a chronic issue from your regular practitioner but you are still in discomfort. It’s OK to be your own advocate and seek other alternatives to alleviate your symptoms… you owe it to yourself to get that second opinion!
  • You are concerned about the expense of the treatment. Does the proposed dental procedure fall outside of your budget? It is OK to “shop around” to find a dentist who can provide exceptional care while working within your budget parameters. In fact, some dentists (like Dr. E) offer patients a flexible dental savings plan to ensure that proper care is accessible to all!

Second opinions result in more informed decisions

Even if you have great trust and respect for your dentist, it is always OK to advocate for yourself and pursue a second opinion. Gathering more information helps empower you to make the best choices for you and your family. It is also helpful to understand that doctors and dentists take different approaches based on their training and experience. They have different tools and resources at their disposal. That’s why some dentists tend to be more conservative than others and they may differ drastically when determining their approach to your treatment. Don’t leave things to chance (or Google searches). Seeking alternate opinions from experienced dentists will give you the peace of mind as a patient to move forward with confidence with your treatment plan.

Will getting a second opinion ruin my relationship with my current dentist?

Any reputable dentist will understand that getting a second opinion is both a smart and understandable route for a patient to pursue when faced with major dental work. Good dentists will even encourage their patients to pursue second opinions in order to ensure they are on board and comfortable moving forward with more complicated and invasive procedures. If your dentist appears to be offended or angry at the idea of you seeking a second opinion, that is your cue to find a dentist who has the professionalism to accept and appreciate your right to do so!

What should I bring to my second-opinion appointment?

Dr. E regularly sees new patients seeking a FREE second opinion from the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team. It is helpful for patients to prepare for the appointment as best as possible:

  • Bring any existing x-rays or have them sent over by your current dental office (remember, it is your right to request this)!
  • Contact your dental insurance carrier to understand your coverage options
  • Communicate openly and clearly so that the dentist can best understand your goals, answer all questions and address any hesitations you may have

Confidence is key when it comes to getting the best dental care and achieving the best smile! Getting a second dental opinion is not only your right; it is the best way for patients to empower themselves with the knowledge and information necessary to protect and preserve their dental health.

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