The Benefits of Smiling

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Keep Smiling!

Your Smile Can Help You Live a Longer and Happier Life

Your smile brightens our team’s day here at Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. But did you know that the more you smile, the more health benefits you will enjoy? That’s right. Studies show that smiling not only helps you and those around you feel good; smiling also carries a multitude of short and long-term physical, psychological and social benefits.

Learn more about how smiling can help YOU live a longer and happier life…

The science behind your smile

When you smile at someone, the payoff is typically immediate. You make a positive impression on them and your smile typically triggers a smile or nod back in return. However, something powerful also happens internally when you smile. Studies show that the simple act of smiling activates pathways in your brain that positively and profoundly impact your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Each and every smile triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which increases happiness, and serotonin, which reduces stress. These endorphins are so powerful that they can lower your heart rate, decrease blood pressure, relieve pain and also boost the immune system.

Even a fake smile can “trick” your brain into releasing neuropeptides that can boost your mood and your overall physical and mental health. So, in reality, each time you smile you are prolonging your longevity!

Smile your way to success!

We have already established that smiling will help you feel better while boosting your health. But did you know that how often you smile on the job correlates to productivity and success in the workplace? Studies show that the release of dopamines also triggers the areas of your brain that enhance productivity, creativity and decision-making. So not only will a bright smile make a positive impression on your coworkers, it will improve how they perceive you at work. Workers who smile more frequently are viewed as more confident, energetic and approachable. Conversely, negative facial expressions and emotions will illicit negative reactions from coworkers. So, smile more on the job — your grin may just earn you the promotion or raise you deserve!

Get Your Best Smile with Dr. E

Now that you recognize the amazing health benefits of smiling, it’s time to ensure that you are taking proper care of your pearly whites. To preserve and enhance your smile, the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team shares the following recommendations:

  • Visit your dentist twice annually
  • Communicate any questions or concerns openly with your dental team
  • Brush and floss daily using a toothpaste with fluoride
  • Replace your toothbrush approximately every 3-4 months
  • Ask your dentist about teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures that can help you smile with confidence

Armed with this newfound knowledge, we hope that you will choose to smile more often and more freely. The simple act of smiling will not only bring extra cheer to those around you, it will help you live an extra happy and long life… and that’s truly something to smile BIG about!

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