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Hear some of Dr. E’s patient reviews… Janet Euzarraga has been treating patients for 30 years. She is known for her caring nature and her determination to provide the patient with the right treatment for their health and aesthetic desires.

“I was referred to Dr. Euzarraga after a horrible experience with my existing dentist at the time. I was repeatedly being told that I needed dental work. I went to Dr. Euzarraga for a second opinion on a major recommended procedure. It turns out that I was being scammed by the other dentist on multiple levels. The exam I received from Dr. E was complete and detailed. Dr. E and her staff were extremely welcoming. They were very compassionate and showed much patience with all my questions, concerns and anxiety. I now use Dr. Euzarraga as my primary dentist and have had several cleanings since the initial consultation. I would highly recommend her and her staff.”

Debra Noble

“I have recently moved to New Mexico but continue my dental care at Dr. E’s. The care is phenomenal. The front desk is always friendly and coming to the dentist is almost a social experience. Thank you to this entire office for such a pleasant experience no matter what dental work is needed.”

Deena White

“I have been a patient of Dr. Euzarraga’s for many years. She is professional, caring, and really makes the dental experience a lot less stressful. The office staff are organized and courteous. She and her team are dedicated to taking care of their patients. I highly recommend Dr. E to my family and friends. She is the best!”

Lisa Warren

“Before I became a patient of Dr. Euzarraga’s, my dental experience was filled with pain and fear. I am so grateful to Dr. E, not only for the great dental work, but for curing my fear of dental torture from my past.”

Tryna Pizzicaroli

“Dr. E and her staff are always great to work with. They are always accommodating when I need to change appointments, etc. Dr. E recommended dental implants where there was a bridge. I took her recommendation and it was the best choice I could have made. The surgeon did an excellent job and Dr. E beautifully restored my implants. I would recommend this to anyone!”

Dennis Born

“I have gone to Dr. E’s for six months. I am on blood thinner because I am a heart patient. I slit the inside of my mouth and I was hemorrhaging. I called Dr. E’s office and they got me into the office immediately. She worked tirelessly to get the bleeding stopped. She even called a periodontist who came over to her office to help.  Dr. E has also done a crown and veneer on my top front teeth which look excellent. I am 68 years old and she is the best dentist I have ever had to keep my teeth in great condition. She also has a very friendly and professional staff. I would highly recommend Dr. E to be your dentist!”

Christopher Kessler

“Having gone through a slew of medical procedures recently, I think you should know that coming to your office is almost a social event. You have amassed a group of professional people that make going to the dentist almost like going to a dinner party…where you like all the people! Thanks for coming back to Ahwatukee!”

Robert Isbell

“I was recently at an art show in Asheville with my daughter and I noticed I had the best smile in the room. Thank you, Dr. E!”

Dave McCarroll

“Took my 17yo daughter who has extreme anxiety and would do ANYTHING not to have to go to the dentist. Michele, the hygenist, and Dr. E both made her feel SO comfortable, she said she’d go back “any time!” Thank you both!”

Valerie Power

“First time here and I’m beyond happy I found Janet and her team. I was dreading finding a new dentist, plus I haven’t been in so long, but they completely put me at ease. Everyone from the front desk to Dr. Euzarraga was so friendly and made me feel really comfortable. Michelle was my hygienist and she was amazing! If you’re looking for a new dentist I would highly recommend Dr. Euzarraga and her team.”

Andrea M.

“I am so EXCITED!!!! My husband, 2 kids and myself have been going to Desert Dentistry since 1998. Dr. E was our favorite dentist. With the recent move to their new location I noticed that Janet and Michelle both disappeared. Things changed!!! And then we saw that she was back at the old location. I didn’t even have second thoughts and made the change. She is so gentle and they give very personable service. I love having a relationship with my dentist office where they remember my name and sincerely care. Couldn’t be happier!!”

Valerie Vienna Romano

“My husband and I had the best experience here this morning. My husband was very nervous since he has not gone to the dentist for over 20 years. He actually said he like them! I think I have found my new family dentist.”

Sarah Dunlop

“I have finally found the best dentist! Dr E and her staff are absolutely amazing. She handles her clients with care and compassion and talks with you about all your dental care needs. I couldn’t be happier and I know longer fear going to the dentist. Thank you”

Michelle Ford

“Dr. E (Euzarraga) has changed my opinion of dentistry. She is compassionate and thorough without the pain and angst normally associated with dental work.

Usually I cringed at the very notion of drilling and capping and all that accompanies that procedure. With Dr. E, you will be pleasantly pleased to know there was absolutely no pain during my cap procedure.

No request is ignored—from a blanket to changing the TV channel. Coffee, tea and water is available in the lobby. The décor reminds me of a relaxing spa—not the drab white walls of a typical dental office.

You will be greeted by Dina, who is all smiles as soon as you walk into the lobby. She will also work with you to help you with any insurance or payment information you may require. Dr E’s assistant, Lisa, is the other half of the best dental team I have ever experienced. And Michele is the very best dental hygienist I have ever had.

A visit to Dr. E’s is like a breath of fresh air in dentistry!”

Virginia Dill

Dr. E will give you movie star teeth at affordable prices! Best dentist in the world! Her staff is like family! Love them!

Liz Lenzen

“From the minute I walked in the door until the time I left I knew I had made the right choice in a dentist.  I have been searching for a long time for the right fit and Dr. E and her staff are it!  They are warm, friendly and genuinely care about me! A rare find these days.  I learned a lot about my dental health because they took the time to care about me! Awesome!


Dr. E worked on my back upper molar today and I felt no pain.  No pain with the shot or drilling! What a great experience.  Thank you!


I am very picky where I do my business and where I go/who I go to.  I have been looking and trying a few dentists in the area and none of them I tried were anything to write home about! I just had an extra pleasant experience with Dr. Janet Euzarraga which I can personally highly recommend her along with her hygienist and team of staff.  Quality started from the minute I opened doors to discuss my concerns and it led to impressing me there on by their sincere concerns, integrity and support.  I am not too easy to impress! Again, I highly recommend her and the team.

Farshad Najafpour

Dr. Euzarraga was my and my family’s dentist when she was in a group practice for years.  We all loved her; she was an outstanding dentist.  Dr. E was always very kind and caring as was her assistant, Lisa.  Whenever I had to have any procedures I was never afraid no matter what was done as I never experienced any pain.  She presented herself in all ways as professional and confident.  I know she really cared about us as individuals and not just as another patient.  She has always been reassuring and never made me feel anxious.  One time I had no way to get to my appointment and when I called to cancel the hygienist, Michele, came to my house, picked me up and afterwards brought me home.  Dr. E arranged this.  I will never forget this rare kindness.  To say we are very happy she, Dr. E, is now back with her own practice is a total understatement.  Everyone in her office is tremendous! Great care at last!

Linda Mistal

“Good dentists are hard to find. I am lucky to have found Dr. E!”

Andrew Hornick

“I am so glad to have found a good and honest dentist in Dr. E!”

Karen Hornick

“For over 15 years my children and I have received exceptional care from Dr. Euzarraga. She is kind to everyone who enters her office and immediately puts you at ease. Children love her because she is extremely gentle and patient with them. I trust Dr. E because she does not push treatments that are unnecessary. The dental hygienist, Michele King, is experienced, thorough and fast. I am happy that Dr. E opened an office in Ahwatukee and if you are looking for a family dentist, this is the place to go! Keep up the great work!”

Betty Rolon

“Dr. E has one of the warmest bedside manners around. She approaches every situation, whether with me or my children, in the gentlest way, assessing the information and presenting the best scenario for the best results. I count on her expertise and trust her immensely. When our family moved here 10+ years ago, we visited three other dentists until we finally landed in the right place for our needs: a listening staff, expert advice, reasonable pricing and gentle dentistry. We’ve known her for a long time and have been greeted warmly every time. When my kids were young and going to the dentist was not something they really looked forward to, the prize filled toy box and acknowledgement of “no cavities!” definitely took the edge off. And, Dr E’s new space has great neighborhood feel, not an impersonal assembly line that I experienced in other offices years ago. I would recommend Dr. E and her staff to all my friends… in fact, I have many times!” 

Suzanne Whitaker

“There is nothing like a great dentist. Dr. E has been my family’s dentist for years. In fact, she was my children’s first dentist and my oldest is beginning high school. I know we are receiving top notch care from Dr. E’s office. She has high standards and attract a top-notch staff. Dr. E’s gentle care and commitment to providing the appropriate treatment for our needs gives me the confidence that I have the right dental office for my family.”

Alison Devereux-Naumann

“Janet Euzarraga, DDS and office staff did a fantastic job. I have beautiful teeth. I had 10 veneers put on my upper teeth. Some did not originally look right but Dr. Euzarraga worked with me and was able to fix them to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Dr. Euzarraga and staff for all of your dental needs.”

Kimberly Clark

Dr. E is simply AWESOME!!

So very happy to see Dr. E back in Ahwatukee! I could not get through the door fast enough! She is amazing, always willing to listen and work with your situation. If there is a way, she will get the job done! You will be very happy– finding a good dentist, one you feel really cares about your teeth and the best outcome is Dr. E!

LaDonna Underwood

Dr. E and her Team are the Best!

I am super picky about my teeth! I recently met Dr. E and trusted her professionalism and expertise—so when it was time for my next exam, I came to Dr. E’s office. I was so impressed with the attention to detail, expert care, and the personal touch from the minute I walked in, to the cleaning and thorough exam. The icing on the cake–I was really blown away with the high-end technology. Nothing is spared for quality care. I am definitely a fan of Dr. E and her Team and have found a new dental home!

Gail Gust