Dental Health During Pregnancy


Tips for Dental Health During Pregnancy

We love caring for our expectant patients and their growing families! The team at Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry recognizes that moms-to-be have added responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding their health–including their dental health during pregnancy. In fact, dental care for pregnant women becomes even more critical because hormonal changes may place them at a greater risk for gingivitis and gum disease during pregnancy.

With health and safety always being our number one priority for all patients, these tips are designed especially for our beautiful pregnant patients to support them during pregnancy and throughout motherhood:

1) Break the news! It is important to tell your dentist if you are pregnant and share how far along you are in your pregnancy. This way, your dentist can ensure that extreme care is taken when administering x-rays or making determinations on any elective procedures. Your dentist will also take into account any pregnancy sensitivities you may have such as gagging or nausea. Dr. E and her team are more than happy to provide extra TLC as we “care for two” in the dental chair!

2) Be prepared to share. The more information your dentist has about your pregnancy, the better (and safer!) care they can provide. Make sure to note any and all vitamins and medications you are taking during pregnancy. Also, proactively share any specific directives from your OB/GYN, particularly if you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy.

3) Keep brushing. You may be tired. You may feel nauseous. And just the thought of brushing may bring on your gag reflex! However, it’s vital to maintain good brushing and flossing habits throughout pregnancy.  For those experiencing morning sickness and gag reflex, we recommend moving to a smaller toothbrush head and/or brushing a little later in the day.  When morning sickness strikes, rinsing with a teaspoon of water mixed with baking soda can help prevent acids from harming your teeth. Perhaps even small tweaks like changing your toothpaste flavor can stave off nausea. Be patient, experiment, and find what works best for you… but please keep brushing!

4) Go above and beyond… for you and baby! Remember, you’re eating and brushing for two. Baby’s teeth begin to develop in utero -– typically between months 3-6 of pregnancy. Eating a balanced diet, chock full of Vitamin A, C, D and other key nutrients will aid the formation of healthy bones and teeth. Be sure to eat foods high in folates and drink an abundance of water with fluoride to keep your own teeth strong while maintaining overall health and wellness for you and baby.

5) Keep smiling! Pregnancy can have its ups and downs but it’s important to stay positive, keep brushing and flossing, visit your dentist and communicate any dental or health concerns throughout your pregnancy.  Of course, we know you will be smiling proudly when it’s time for baby to make his or her debut – our team can help make sure your smile stays camera-ready for baby’s big arrival!

6) Practice self-care. We understand that being a new mom (or a mom to a house full of little ones) can be overwhelming and exhausting.  With so much time and energy devoted to being caregivers, it is common for moms to neglect their own physical and mental health needs. We encourage new moms to keep dental well checks on track and to try to carve out time to nurture themselves. After all, a healthy mom sets a positive tone and example for the whole family!

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