Dr. E Debunks the Top 6 Dental Myths

dental myths debunked

Dr. E Debunks the Top 6 Dental Myths

Smile! It’s time to set the record straight

Preserving your dental health is essential for a healthy, beautiful smile. Yet, there are many myths and misconceptions about dental health that persist. This concerns the Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team because subscribing to dental myths can lead to poor dental habits that impact your oral health.

Therefore, we want to debunk some of the most common dental myths and replace them with tips that can help you preserve your smile.

Myth # 1: Brushing harder improves your oral health

Although we encourage you to brush your teeth at least twice daily, overly vigorous brushing can actually be detrimental to your smile by damaging your tooth enamel and gums. Instead, we recommend brushing gently and thoroughly using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse your brush before and after brushing and replace your toothbrush regularly.

Myth #2: I don’t need to see the dentist because I have no cavities

Wrong! Don’t let your cavity-free mouth give you a false sense of security. The early stages of gum disease can be symptomless and painless. Keeping your dental visits helps ensure that your teeth get the close care and monitoring that only your skilled dentist can provide. Plus, dentists can identify and treat many common dental concerns early—well before they become more painful. This is one of the dental myths that can be expensive to resolve!

Myth # 3: If you brush daily, it’s not necessary to floss every day

Brushing and flossing literally go hand in hand! While thorough brushing is awesome, brushing alone doesn’t adequately address the hard-to-reach spaces in between your teeth where plaque and debris can fester. It takes brushing and flossing to keep tooth decay away and achieve a truly healthy smile.

Myth # 4: I won’t get cavities because I don’t eat a lot of sugar

While sugary foods and drinks pose a significant threat to your smile, there are less obvious dangers lurking in your diet. For example, overloading on starchy carbs can fuel the production of oral bacteria that erodes tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay. Instead, practice proper oral hygiene and eat a nutritious, balanced diet to improve your oral (and overall) health.

Myth # 5: Stop brushing your teeth if your gums are bleeding

Plaque build-up can bring on gum disease, which is often signaled by bleeding gums. Rather than avoiding brushing, gently brush your teeth and gums and monitor the bleeding. If it persists, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you address the underlying oral issue.

Myth #6: My child should avoid using fluoride toothpaste

This is fake news, folks! While the use of fluoride in children’s toothpaste was previously debated, this is no longer the case. Today, recent studies show that fluoride toothpaste is safe and recommended by the ADA for use by both children and adults to prevent tooth decay. We suggest that you monitor young children to ensure they use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and spit it out after they are done brushing.

Dr. E’s Takeaway:

We urge you not to let dental myths and misinformation about your mouth mess with your smile! Keep the following in mind to preserve oral health:

  • Brush and floss your teeth gently but thoroughly every day
  • Regular dental visits are essential in order to maintain oral health and prevent more serious concerns
  • Eat a balanced diet and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Fluoride-based products can enhance vs harm your smile
  • Monitor your children’s brushing and encourage good oral hygiene habits

Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to preserving your smile. We hope the above dental “truths” help you keep your smile bright and healthy for many years to come! Of course, we’re also here to help! Contact us to schedule your next visit: 480-494-2435.