Self Care Awareness and Oral Health


Smile! September is National Self-Care Awareness Month

Is self-care an intentional part of your daily routine? National Self-Care Awareness Month offers a great reminder of the importance of taking time out from our busy lives to take care of ourselves. Not only is it unselfish to regularly practice self-care, it can improve overall physical and mental health, boost energy and help you be the best version of yourself to the people who surround you. But don’t forget to include oral care within your self-care routine! Here’s why…

Self-Care Starts With a Smile

Never underestimate the value of a healthy smile! A beautiful smile can be truly life-changing. It projects one’s self-confidence, radiates positivity and influences how others perceive us. In fact, smiling can make all the difference when it comes to cementing a first and lasting impression. Did you know that those who smile on the job typically make more money and are perceived to be more likeable and competent? Studies also show that smiling yields other key health benefits such as reducing stress and blood pressure and strengthening the immune system. That’s why every self-care routine should include preserving and nurturing your smile through proper oral hygiene and dental care.

The Basics of Taking Care of Your Smile

In the midst of a hectic morning, or after a long day, it can be tempting to skimp on your dental routine — but remember that taking the time to practice daily oral self-care will be well worth the effort for your smile and your overall health. Here are some dental “musts” that should be part of everyone’s daily oral hygiene routine:

  • Brushing and flossing thoroughly — at least twice daily to prevent bad breath and dental decay
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush — don’t forget to brush your gum line and your tongue
  • Staying hydrated — drink water to naturally cleanse the teeth and prevent dry mouth
  • Maintaining a well-balanced diet — eat plenty of crunchy fruits and veggies and avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Quitting smoking or chewing tobacco— tobacco use increases risk of oral health issues and other serious health risks
  • Seeing your dentist regularly — at least twice a year

Investing In Your Smile

In addition to following these dental best practices on your own, remember that your dental team has the skill and ability to do even more than deep clean your teeth. They can bring you greater self-confidence by helping you enhance your smile. The following popular cosmetic treatments are a safe and effective way to invest in yourself and your smile:

  • Teeth whitening — Dr. E offers professional at-home teeth whitening treatments
  • Bonding — enhances the color and shape of your natural teeth
  • Veneers — cosmetic “shells” that brighten and correct the teeth
  • Crowns — protects and improves the natural tooth
  • Implants — surgical procedure that improves your smile’s appearance and/or function

Long Term Benefits of Oral Self-Care

Taking proper care of yourself and your smile will not only improve your physical appearance; it will benefit your overall health for the long term. A consistent oral hygiene routine keeps gum disease and cavities away while also helping to reduce the risk of other serious diseases such as heart disease stroke, diabetes, cancer and dementia. (Fact: Individuals with healthy teeth and gums are 70% percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who have suffered chronically from gum disease)! Remember that dental decay, gum disease and tooth loss can be highly preventable through good oral hygiene. So make a commitment to practice oral self-care today in order to prevent dental dilemmas, discomfort and extra dollars spent in the long run.

Devote time to oral and overall self-care during National Self-Care Awareness Month. We’re here to help! Contact the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team today to schedule your next appointment: 480-494-2435