Advancements in Dentistry


Let’s Give Thanks for Advancements in Dentistry!

This time of year, we pause and give thanks for the things in life we normally take for granted. For Dr. Janet Euzarraga  and her team, that means taking the time to acknowledge the many advancements in dentistry that make it possible for us to provide such expert care to our valued patients!  What’s new in dentistry? Learn more below… and THANK YOU from our family to yours for trusting Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry with your dental needs.

Regenerative Procedures. The future of dentistry, and many other areas of medicine, lies in regenerative treatments. Regenerative dental procedures are increasingly being used to help restore health to the gums, bones and teeth. Dentists are able to utilize bone grafts, membranes and proteins in amazing ways to stimulate tissue growth that can be used to restore bone and tissue. These techniques help stave off periodontal disease and aid in the maintenance and appearance of supporting tooth structures and overall dental health.

A Better View. Dentists now have access to higher-tech imaging with digitized x-rays providing clearer pictures than “old school” radiographs. The digital radiography utilized by Dr. E’s team enables us to highlight potential problem areas on a computer screen to help patients better see and understand their treatment options. Digital imaging is also faster and safer (emitting less radiation), making it a welcome dental advancement and better option all around on both sides of the dental chair!

Laser-Focused Dentistry. The use of high-tech lasers in dentistry facilitates better and earlier detection of cavities and tooth decay to help dentists treat and preserve the teeth. Lasers also help dentists accurately, safely and easily remove decayed portions of the tooth while  preserving healthy enamel. This minimizes the impact to the tooth structure and works to prevent tooth loss. One cutting-edge laser Dr. E and her team are particularly excited about is the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser now being used for procedures such as implant recovery, abscess incision, un-erupted teeth and soft tissue crown lengthening.

Superior Materials & More Options. Back in the day, dentists had limited tools and materials at their disposal. Fortunately, this is not the case for today’s dentists! Dr. E and her contemporaries have access to preferred materials for procedures that are more natural looking and durable than what her predecessors relied on in the past. For example,  tooth-colored resin is used today for teeth bonding, which is stronger and much more aesthetically pleasing for your smile. Also, the veneers of today are thinner yet stronger. And, if you are scheduled for a dental implant, the good news is that today’s implants typically have a 95% success rate and last 15 years longer!

Endless New Tools & Technologies. Dentists today are always learning about new, cutting-edge tools and technologies to help them do their jobs better and make patients happier. Dr. E stays on the cusp of dental advancements in order to benefit her patients and their smiles. She is among the few local dentists to utilize an innovative tool called Tekscan, which is a fairly new technology designed to identify and treat occlusion, more commonly known as the patient’s bite. Dr. E and her team also use technology to integrate the art and science behind creating that beautiful smile. They leverage technologies to create accurate models and photos, which are used to transmit cosmetic dental plans to our laboratory to create gorgeous, custom-made smiles.

Today’s dentists and patients are indeed fortunate to benefit from the many advancements in the field of dentistry. Rest assured that Dr. E and her team will continue to seek out new tools and technologies to better care for patients and their families.

We are truly grateful to you for trusting Dr. E and her team with your smile!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our patients from our Dr. E family to yours!





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