Aging and Your Teeth


Aging and Your Teeth

Do You Want to Look Younger? Visit Your Dentist!

Are your teeth aging you? A beautiful smile may help you turn back the clock! That’s right. Preserving and enhancing your pearly whites can take years off your appearance while also helping you leave others with a more positive overall impression.  Here’s how visiting the dentist and practicing proper oral hygiene can help YOU look younger and healthier:

Brush, Floss, Repeat! Maintaining good dental habits throughout life will help to preserve and prolong your natural smile. That means that the few extra minutes you take out of your day to brush after every meal and floss regularly will pay off as you get older.  You will be more likely to retain your beautiful, white smile while keeping gum recession and gingivitis at bay. These good habits coupled with annual dental well checks will serve you and your smile well as you age!

Teeth Whitening.  Even the most diligent brushing and flossing can’t completely halt the natural aging process. The fact is, our habits eventually catch up with us and teeth yellowing and staining inevitably occurs as we get older. Just as you may dye your hair to disguise the gray, consider talking to your dentist about starting a teeth-whitening regimen.  Dr. E utilizes at-home teeth whitening for patients. This convenient process usually involves two brief dental visits to initially take impressions and later to pick up the bleach kit and custom teeth whitening trays. She also offers patients a one-time Zoom teeth-whitening treatment. Either way, Dr. E recommends teeth whitening or bleaching as a safe and effective way to reverse the aging process.

Veneers. Dental veneers may be the idea way for you to regain the smile of your youth. Dr. E applies custom-made shells to the surface of the teeth to combat wear and tear such as chipping and discoloration. It’s a quick, comfortable, and affordable option to help patients transform their smiles and regain self-confidence.

Brace Yourself. Braces are NOT just for teens! Teeth gradually shift over time, creating unwanted gaps, imperfections and flaws in our smiles. More and more adults today are understanding that there’s no age cap when it comes to orthodontia. In fact, clear, removable aligners are an ideal solution for adults and seniors who wish to correct and enhance the appearance of their smiles.

Get a Tooth Tune-Up. How long has your mouth been holding its hardware? Consider swapping out your dated, amalgam silver fillings with a porcelain or composite resin filling for a more updated and natural look. Make an appointment with Dr. E to replace any damaged or discolored crowns. Easy fixes and updates like these will result in a much more youthful looking smile.  Remember, it’s never too late for a dental makeover!

It’s true… a trip to the dentist really can help you turn back the clock!  Dr. E believes that you deserve to look and feel your best at any age… and she and her caring team are ready to help. In fact, Dr. E was named the best cosmetic dentist in Ahwatukee for the past two years. Contact Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today to achieve your healthiest and best looking smile! 480-494-2435



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