Dental Technology Advancements to Come


Dental Technology Advancements

What is Coming Next?

Dr. Janet Euzarraga and her team feel fortunate to be practicing dentistry in a time where there are SO many innovative and exciting developments. That’s why Dr. E keeps abreast of the dental industry —  in order to bring her patients the latest-and-greatest tools and technologies. Check out what’s coming next in dental technology advancements and learn how Dr. E may be utilizing these emerging tools and techniques in the future to care for you and your family’s dental needs.

“AI” Infiltrates the Dental Industry! Imagine the dentist using a virtual assistant to care for your teeth?! Just as we rely on Siri and Alexa to access information quickly throughout the day, dentists may soon be able to use AI to more quickly diagnose and treat common dental issues. For example, by using voice commands to pull up X-rays and read scans, dentists can utilize their time with each patient more efficiently.  Scientists are also in the process of testing AI to process large amounts of radiograph data in order to identify patterns that help dentists identify specific types of tooth decay. We’ll be watching to see where AI in dentistry will take us!

Streamlined Scheduling for Patients. Dr. E recognizes that an important part of your dental care is the treatment you receive when scheduling and checking-in for your appointments. Technological advancements are making is possible for fully integrated automated software to help dental offices automatically schedule patient follow-ups, replace cancellations in real-time and keep office schedules updated with laser precision – all for the added convenience of patients!

Ultrasound Technology. Ultrasound technology is already utilized effectively in many other medical fields… and it appears that dentistry may be next! Scientists are researching how ultrasounds can be used to provide a completely radiation-free alternative for imaging and they are even testing the viability of using it to produce utra-crisp, 3D images of the teeth and jaw.

More Gizmos = More Comfort. Not a fan of needles? Or Pain?! New and less invasive tools and technologies are in the works to enhance patient comfort during common dental procedures. Powerful lasers are being refined in order to safely and efficiently detect cavities and remove decayed portions of teeth while preserving healthy enamel. No drilling involved! It’s a quick and much less-evasive approach to patient care. In addition, instead of using needles for numbing, researchers are exploring and testing the use of effective topical numbing gels to be used in cooperation with a small, safe electric current. Again, these techniques are designed to increase efficiency at the dental office while maximizing patient comfort – a dental win-win!

Your comfort and care is our TOP priority! Rest assured that Dr. E and her team will continue to stay abreast of what’s coming next in order to bring patients the safest and most innovative dental tools and techniques to enhance your smile and overall dental health. With that said, Dr. E and her team are known for the personal touch they provide and that will never take the place of technology.

We are truly grateful to you for trusting Dr. E and her team with your smile!  Happy Holidays to all of our patients from our Dr. E family to yours!






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