Top Dental Product Picks

Dr. E’s Favorite (Dental) Things!

There are SO many great dental products on the market today. Stores (and websites) showcase rows and rows of items – from toothbrushes, to mouthwash, to toothpastes — that all promise terrific results. BUT, there are certain brands and models that are more highly rated than others and widely approved by the dental industry.

So, before your next dental care purchase, find out which products bring a smile to Dr. E and her team. Check out our roundup here:

  1. Toothbrush: What’s the best brush? Dr. E is impressed by Sonicare Diamond Clean. It may be a splurge at prices around $199, but it has 30,000 brush strokes, 5 different brushing modes and a super-sleek design.
  2. Floss –It’s a classic, but it still wins Dr. E’s vote: Johnson & Johnson waxed- mint flavored floss. This dental stand-by always gets the job done! Just be sure to use it daily.
  3. Water Flosser/Water Pik – A good water flosser/pick is one of the best dental purchases you can make. The Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius (a highly rated model) effectively removes hidden debris/plaque even after using regular floss… and it is officially approved and tested by the American Dental Association.
  4. Mouthwash – Fresh breath is always a top priority for Dr. E and her patients! One of Dr. E’s top contenders is Closys. It contains antibacterial, alcohol free, lingering benefits against bad breath, and has a cool, clean (not overly strong) taste.
  5. Fluoride rinse –When it’s time to “swish,” Dr. E chooses ACT. It’s the #1 dentist-recommended fluoride rinse for a reason! It is strong, yet gentle, and available in several flavors and types, including Kids, Anti-cavity, Restoring, Total Care, and Dry Mouth.
  6. Teeth whitener – For those who wish to add more sparkle to their pearly whites, Dr. E’s go-to teeth whitener is Phillips ZOOM DayWhite, a take-home, 30-minute whitener patients can apply daily using a custom tray fitted by Dr. E and her team. It’s easy, cost-effective, and patients see the results quickly.
  7. Toothpaste – With SO many options, which paste is true perfection? Dr. E once again chooses Closys – it’s non-abrasive, non-irritating and, similar to their mouthwash, it gives patients benefits such as long-lasting fresh breath without a strong alcohol taste.

The list of great dental products is overwhelming—but one thing is sure—they don’t work at all unless you use regularly. The most important part of your dental health is establishing a routine and getting regular dental check-ups. Dr. E and her team will help make your experience refreshing!


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