Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Holiday Cheer…and Stress

For many of us, the tis the season for an overabundance of holiday cheer and stress!  We keep ourselves in “busy” mode, prepping our homes for the holidays, shopping and baking for loved ones, attending parties, and ultimately neglecting our health until we “get through” the holiday season.

BUT, there are some simple ways to keep stress at bay while enjoying the holidays AND maintaining healthy habits throughout the hectic season. We’re sharing tips for a stress-free holiday season here:

Ho, Ho… No!  Do you tend to take on way more than you can handle during the holidays? The more you take on, the more stress will mount. So, give yourself the gift of a break here and there. Recognize that it’s OK to say no sometimes… whether it’s allowing another family member to host Christmas Eve or waiting until next weekend to bake that extra batch of Christmas cookies.

Get in the Spirit… of You! Make an effort to take a break from holiday shopping and prepping to set aside some time to nourish yourself. Take a bath. Go to that yoga class. Put your feet up and read a good book. The gift wrapping will eventually get done… but don’t let yourself come “undone” by not taking time out for yourself in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays.

Rise and Shine… with a good workout to start your day! Make it a priority to exercise early in the day so that you don’t get distracted later (with shopping or other festivities) and forgo your much-needed workout as the day gets away from you. Regular exercise during the holiday season will also ward off unwanted holiday pounds and help keep mounting stress at bay. Even a quick morning workout is better than none!

Let it Go! Let go of perfection. You may not have captured the perfect family photo for your annual holiday card. Your lights display may not be the talk of the neighborhood. But, creating the perfect holiday perception is not what the holidays are truly about, right? Keep the true meaning of the holidays at the forefront by making meaningful memories with family and friends.. and don’t worry so much about creating the illusion of the “perfect” Christmas!

 It’s OK to be (a little) Naughty… when it comes to indulging at a holiday gathering or two. Just enjoy the holidays and recognize that it’s OK to treat yourself here and there. Continue to take care of yourself– including keeping up with your dental health routine – and your health and wellness will ultimately remain on track during the holidays and into the new year.

The entire team at Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry wishes you and your family a FESTIVE and HEALTHY holiday season!

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