Ten Juicy Facts About Saliva


Saliva: Facts that will make you salivate!

Here are some facts to make you salivate! Yes, really! Did you know that saliva just might be the secret to achieving better oral health? Read on and learn why saliva is good for your teeth…and you overall health!

1) Saliva acts as the bloodstream for your mouth. Chewing releases saliva, which keeps your mouth healthy, moist and comfortable.

2) Saliva is your mouth’s strong, secret weapon. It is responsible for strengthening the surface of your teeth by providing high levels of calcium, fluoride and phosphates, protecting tooth enamel and preventing decay.

3) Saliva does more than just prevent bad breath and cavities… it even helps prevent disease from spreading. That’s because saliva contains infection-fighting white blood cells and strong, germ-fighting antibodies.  So, go ahead and lick your wounds. Saliva will, in fact, help you heal faster!

4) Go ahead and slobber. It turns out that we all do it… a lot! On average, we produce, about 2-4 pints of saliva a day – enough to fill two bathtubs annually!

5) We produce LESS saliva when we’re asleep. Also, saliva decreases when we’re dehydrated and stressed. Smokers also produce less saliva.

6) We produce MORE saliva when we chew but also during another favorite activity – talking on our cellphones! A 2012 study conducted in India showed that “heavy” cell phone users produced 26% more saliva than “casual” users.

7) Saliva can act as an important indicator of other health conditions. FDA-approved saliva tests are frequently used to identify antibodies to HIV and the hepatitis C virus. Saliva is also routinely used to monitor alcohol and drug use.

8) Not all gum chewing is a no-no. Chewing sugar free gum has been linked to increased saliva production, which benefits your teeth.

9) Saliva contains a substance called opiorphin, which was officially discovered in 2006. Opiorphin is considered a natural painkiller that is six times MORE powerful than morphine!

10) Got a bad taste in your mouth? Saliva – or lack of it – may be the culprit! Saliva is responsible for helping us taste the foods we love. It keeps taste receptors in the mouth moist and ready for action.

Now that you know that healthy saliva production is linked to better oral health, be sure to contact Dr. E if you are experiencing dry mouth, chronic bad breath or related conditions. Contact us today for a quick and convenient consult: https://drefamilydental.com/contacts/

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