Do I Really Need Regular Dental Visits?


Regular Dental Visits are Key to Dental Health

Let’s be honest? Do you schedule regular dentist visits? Or are you among the 15% of Americans that put off going to the dentist? Whether it’s time, money, or even fear that’s keeping you away, it’s time to get back on track. The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to visit your dentist every six months. Here’s why…

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sure it’s a cliché, but it’s the best approach to take when it comes to protecting your teeth… and your wallet. Even the best brushers and flossers aren’t immune to the inevitable build up of plaque, tarter, and the potential formation of cavities from lingering decay. And gingivitis left undetected can lead to some serious gum disease. So, why not take the smart approach? Head off teeth trouble – and the added time and expense of fillings – by scheduling regular dental cleanings.

Your smile may be hiding something else. In many cases, dental visits can reveal more than just cavities. During each visit, your dentist also looks for specific abnormalities or “red flags” such as lumps or swelling along the neck, jaw, and lymph nodes. These can indicate conditions like oral cancer or diabetes. You will also take x-rays that can help diagnose issues under the surface, such as impacted teeth, tumors, cysts, and bone decay. So a trip to the dentist doesn’t just keep the cavities away, it can keep more serious help risks at bay.

You never outgrow regular dental visits. Sure, going to the dentist as an adult may not be as fun as when you were a kid. Hey, what happened to the prizes on your way out the door? But, it’s important to recognize that your oral health changes as you age and your dental needs change over time. For example, teens need to be checked vigilantly for impacted wisdom teeth. Pregnant women carry a higher risk for dental disease. And seniors often encounter issues such as tooth sensitivity or dry mouth. So, seeing your dentist regularly is important at every stage of life.

You can develop healthier habits. Nobody’s perfect. Not even your dentist. And that’s why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk to your dentist about any specific habits, such as teeth grinding or smoking, that may be negatively impacting your oral health. To be honest, dentists can easily detect these habits during an exam and assess the damage being done. BUT, they are typically quite enthusiastic about helping you overcome these habits for better oral health. The key is to come in regularly so your dentist can monitor improvement, share tips, and recommend the best course of treatment to keep you on track for optimal oral health.

You can achieve a star-quality smile. Isn’t that what we’re all really after? During each check up, your dentist will meticulously clean and polish your teeth to help you achieve your best and whitest smile. Seeing your dentist regularly will deliver this along with the ROI you and your teeth deserve from investing in your oral health.

Remember, your dentist plays an important role in your dental health but you’re ultimately the one in charge of your dental destiny. So be proactive in scheduling – and keeping – regular dental check ups with your dental provider!

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