Stay Safe and Stay Smiling

stay smiling

A Note to Our Patients: Stay Safe and Stay Smiling!

The team at Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry recognizes that we are living in unprecedented and uncertain times right now. Although we need to stay at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, please know that we’re thinking of all of our patients and we are still here for you in the event that you have a dental emergency.

That said, even though many of us are experiencing heightened stress these days, it’s important to remain positive, stay connected and keep smiling now more than ever. With your overall health and wellness top-of-mind, we have compiled these tips:

Stay on schedule. With no need to rush out the door for your daily commute, it’s tempting to sleep in or become the ultimate couch potato. But be careful not to lapse into unhealthy habits. Creating (and sticking with!) a daily schedule will help you stay productive and stave off isolation and depression.

Pick up the phone… and we don’t mean texting. These days, voice contact – or better yet, Facetime – offers a meaningful way to connect and interact with others while maintaining social distance.

Read a book. Step away from the screen and pick up a good book!  Did you know that reading has been found to relax your body by lowering the heart rate and easing muscle tension? There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a good book, especially when you have the downtime.

Keep moving. There’s no excuse for cabin fever here in AZ! We are fortunate to live in a beautiful place with ideal temperatures right now. So, take a daily walk, hike, or bike ride and appreciate our beautiful desert landscape while clearing your mind and keeping fit.

Just breathe. Make meditation part of your daily routine; especially during these uncertain times. Simple meditation exercises can help you focus, reduce anxiety, sleep better and more.  Use these free apps for inspiration:

Lend a helping hand! Do you know someone living alone? Do you have an elderly neighbor or relative who may be experiencing extreme isolation or loneliness? Check in with them and, better yet, offer to run an errand on their behalf. Not only will this simple act bring them comfort and relief; the good deed will lift your spirits in return.

Turn ON the tube. After you’ve cleaned the closets and taken (multiple!) walks, you’ve earned some quality TV time. So, settle in on the couch and pass the time with some feel-good TV. Check out this binge-worthy roundup:

Count your blessings. While we are all feeling the stress and uncertainty of these times, it is helpful to focus on some of the simple things that can bring us happiness right now – whether it be more quality time that we have to spend with loved ones, a favorite homemade recipe that we finally have time to make, or even the opportunity to brighten someone else’s day. Try to adopt a “this too shall pass” attitude and recognize that we WILL eventually overcome the challenges of this unprecedented situation.

We’re thinking of all of our patients and neighbors during this difficult time and we encourage you and your families to stay connected, keep things in perspective and try to STAY SAFE and STAY SMILING. Remember, we’re here for you when you need us.

XOXO, The Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Team



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