Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures


Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that Lead to Life Changing Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are on the rise! After all, your smile is one of the first and best ways to make a positive and lasting impression. That’s why patients are recognizing the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry in order to enhance their smiles (and self confidence)!

Fortunately for East Valley patients, Dr. Janet Euzarraga and her team at Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry have extensive cosmetic dentistry expertise. Did you know that Dr. E has been named Best Dentist in Ahwatukee in 2017 and 2018 and her practice was recognized for best customer service for the past three years!  Learn more below about some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures that Dr. E and her team currently offer patients who wish to transform their smiles!

Teeth whitening. This is the most requested procedure among 40-60 years-old patients. As we age, our teeth inevitably show wear and tear resulting from years of coffee, medications and other daily habits that stain our teeth. When done properly, teeth whitening is a simple and proven way to quickly and safely enhance your smile. The key is to enlist your dentist’s help rather than taking the DIY approach, which can lead to dangerous over bleaching and exposure. Dr. E first evaluates the state of each patient’s oral health before recommending one of two customized teeth whitening plans. Her in-office Zoom treatment involves administering a teeth whitening gel and utilizing a LED light to accelerate the results. Her at-home treatment option includes fitting patients for custom trays that they can then take home and use with a whitening kit. Both options lead to bright, beautiful smiles.

Veneers. This popular cosmetic procedure appeals to patients who want an enhanced yet natural looking smile. Typically, the patient is looking to improve crooked, cracked or discolored teeth. Dr. E simply applies a thin, custom “shell” to the patient’s natural teeth to give them a brighter appearance. It is a quick and comfortable procedure with naturally fantastic results.

Bonding. This common dental procedure is typically administered to patients who want to repair chipped teeth, close gaps, protect exposed roots or restore decayed teeth. Dr. E adheres a tooth-colored composite material directly to the tooth to restore color and shape. The natural tooth enamel is then fused with a bonding material such as porcelain or resin that results in a stronger tooth that looks and feels natural.

Crowns. Dr. E administers durable porcelain crowns to patients who wish to restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth. This cosmetic procedure is usually done within two office visits. Dr. E and her team use the highest quality dental materials and technology in order to achieve the best, most natural looking results for patients who need crowns.

Implants. Ideal for patients who wish to repair existing bone or tooth loss, this procedure involves surgically implanting an artificial tooth root into the jaw that fuses with natural bone. A crown is then later attached to the implant to replace the original tooth. Dental implants are extremely durable, long lasting and do not decay. For patients in need of dental implants, Dr. E partners with reputable oral surgeons for the implant procedure and then she performs the follow-up tooth restoration in her office.

Don’t let concerns about your smile inhibit your self-confidence! A few visits with Dr. E and her caring team can lead to life-changing results. See for yourself why Dr. E has been named Best Dentist in Ahwatukee for the past two years. Contact her today to learn more about which cosmetic dentistry procedure may be right for you!



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