Dental Tips to Help You Survive the Holiday Season


Quick Holiday Dental Tips

Tis the season to be festive and jolly! For many of us, it is also the time to frantically shop, wrap and indulge in holiday cheer. As you enjoy the fun and frenzy of the holiday season, don’t be tempted to skip your dental hygiene routine. No matter how busy this time of year may be, you can continue to keep your smile merry and bright by following these holiday dental tips from the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team.

Maintain Balance. From holiday parties to cookie exchanges, temptations are at an all time high during the holidays. Just remember that moderation is key. By all means, treat yourself here and there. But try to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water immediately after indulging in sweet treats. If your plans include a holiday gathering, balance nutrition throughout the day with extra servings of fruit, veggies and proteins. Likewise, if you drink a glass of wine, balance the acidity that can eat away at tooth enamel by pairing it with a savory snack of cheese and crackers. These simple, mindful actions really do go a long way toward keeping your smile bright and white.

Gift yourself some dental goodies. The hectic pace of the season can place your daily oral hygiene routine in peril. As you do your holiday shopping, consider gifting yourself a cool, new toothbrush or some nifty, new flossers. These may help entice you to keep up with your dental routine. Some of the latest electric toothbrushes practically do the brushing for you! What about those nights when you’re too exhausted to floss? Give your teeth a quick and cleanly spritz with a handy new waterpik!

Be prepared at all times. The Elf on the Shelf may be keeping you on your toes, but a little preparation can also help keep you off of your dentist’s naughty list! As the season starts to kick in, pull together a portable “tooth care kit.” After all, it’s always good to be prepared to take care of your smile on the go. It should contain dental basics like travel size toothpaste, folding toothbrush, flossers and mini mouthwash. Consider including a pack of cinnamon gum which contains aldehyde to help target and destroy bacteria. Keep your tooth care kit in the car, pack it in a tote bag or stash it at your desk to eliminate any excuses not to brush or floss during those long, hectic days of December.

Pass the egg nog; reach for water instead. OK, a few sips of egg nog are completely fine! But water should always be at the top of the “good list.” Your body relies on water to stay hydrated. Also, your smile also needs water to produce adequate saliva, neutralize harmful acids and keep breath fresh. Consider these a must for holiday mistletoe and mingling! Drinking adequate amounts of water also aids digestion and helps your stomach stay full so that you aren’t as tempted to overeat at holiday get-togethers and meals.

Ask about teeth whitening! Tarter and plaque can accumulate all the more quickly when we eat more sugar than usual and forget to prioritize dental health during the busy holiday season. Festive dark ciders and spirits can also wreak havoc on your pearly whites. It’s never too early or late to start a teeth whitening regimen. Now is the time if you want to smile confidently during photos and make a great impression at holiday gatherings. Dr. E’s at-home Glo teeth whitening treatments are safe, easy to use and work wonders on restoring bright smiles.

Visit the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Team. There may be a lot on your holiday to-do list but it’s important to keep your health (and smile) on track. Keep in mind that many dental plans are calendar based, which means you must “use or lose” dental benefits by the end of December. Get your family’s dental appointments in before your benefits expire and be sure to schedule cleanings early in the new year to keep oral health a priority.

Follow the above holiday dental tips from Dr. E to ensure your smile spreads good cheer to you and those around you during the holiday season and beyond!

The Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team wishes you and your family a healthy and festive holiday season! Schedule your next dental visit with us: 480-494-2435