Dental Fear? Don’t Be Spooked by Visiting the Dentist


Dental Fear? Don’t Be Spooked by Visiting the Dentist

Have no fear, Dr. E is here!

October may be a scary month but when it comes to dental fear, one thing Dr. E wants her patients to understand is that there is NO need to be afraid to visit your friendly local dentist. The Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team prides themselves on being gentle and compassionate. They are strongly committed to making each and every patient feel comfortable in the dental chair!

Facts About Dental Anxiety:

Fear of visiting the dentist is very common. One worldwide study found that a staggering 60 percent of respondents suffer from dental phobia! Here are some the biggest reasons patients cite about why they are afraid of the dentist:

  • Almost 40% fear dental pain and injections
  • Nearly 25% fear the smell of dental chemicals
  • Roughly 20% fear the dreaded sound of the drill
  • Approximately 10% of remaining respondents cite fear of keeping their mouth open, feeling helpless in the dental chair, and paying their dental bill!

Controlling Dental Fear:

If you’re one of the 60% who experiences dental anxiety, pay attention! There are many ways you can ease your fears of visiting the dentist. Here are some of Dr. E’s top suggestions to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during every trip to the dentist:

  • Communicate with Your Dentist! Make your dentist aware of your dental anxiety so they can provide the right amount of dental TLC. Many caring dentists are happy to ease patients’ fears by explaining each step of the dental procedure throughout the appointment. The more open you are, the better your dentist can address your concerns and ensure a smooth experience.
  • Understand New Technologies. Recognize that dentistry has come a loooong way since your first dental visit. Today’s dentists have so many new technologies and tools at their disposal to make your dental journey that much more safe and pleasant. For example, they have access to quieter tools and equipment, less painful (aka, more bearable!) injections, safer imaging, and more efficient practices overall.
  • Make Yourself At Home. The right dentist will encourage you to allay your dental fears by bringing some comforts from home to your appointment, such as a favorite book to read in the waiting room, air pods or headphones to listen to your favorite “calming” tunes during the exam, and young patients are always welcome to bring a favorite stuffed animal or “lovey” along for moral support.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On. Please be sure not to let one negative dental experience prohibit you from future dental care. Seek out a compassionate dentist – like Dr. E – whose entire team is committed to your dental health and emotional comfort.

Your dental fears should never threaten your dental health! Visit Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for gentle, compassionate dental TLC! 



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