Fashion Trends That Are Not Good For Your Teeth


Warning! These Fashion Trends Aren’t Good For Your Teeth

Can being a fashionista affect your oral health? We’re afraid so! Unfortunately, it’s true that being a fashion victim can also cause you to be a victim of poor dental health. That’s why Dr. E wants to warn patients of the dangers of certain popular trends that potentially cause dental problems and are just not good for your teeth. Here’s what our patients need to know to make sure the latest trends and fads don’t lead to dental trauma:

Too Much Bling

It’s hard NOT to notice certain celebrities flashing their gleaming grillz. These flashy grillz can cost upwards of $10,000! To achieve this look, precious stones like diamonds are adhered to custom dental molds. Dentists offering custom grillz often work in partnership with jewelers who create pieces especially designed and customized for each grill. However, when fans try to replicate this look, they fall prey to generic knock-offs that can cause dental harm. The difference is that expensive, custom grillz use materials that are approved by the dental industry. An ill-fitting, fake grill can place excessive pressure on the teeth resulting in damage to the jaw and dislocation of the teeth. Low-quality materials can also wear away tooth enamel and lead to serious infections. So beware of the bling when it comes to your smile!

Oral Piercings

Piercings on the tongue or gums may look cool, but they can also cause serious damage to your teeth. Gum piercings may interfere with healthy speech and swallowing. Swelling caused from gum piercings may even block your airwaves! Oral piercings can lead to a host of problems, such as micro tears, enamel damage and they can even cause receding gums. Piercings in the mouth can also click against the teeth, causing unsightly chips or cracks. Trust us! The damage, inflammation and infections that can result from mouth piercings are nothing to smile about!

Front Tooth Gaps

Model Lauren Hutton may have started the front gap tooth trend in the 1960s, but many celebrities have since embraced this as a signature look – and so have their fans. While a gap-tooth smile may be viewed as a natural sign of beauty, some people go to extreme lengths to recreate this unique look. They may ask their dentist to drill a gap or see an orthodontist to create the gap. Some patients also don’t realize that creating a front-tooth gap alters the entire muscular system of the mouth and jaw, which can lead to severe, chronic discomfort in the head, neck and ears.


This popular Japanese trend also has a following in other parts of the world, including the U.S.  In creating this look, the upper canines are modified to give a fang-like appearance that can appear cool and unique, but it wreaks havoc on a healthy smile! Teeth that are forcefully crowded or modified can cause damage to the neighboring teeth. They may also be difficult to clean, leading to higher rates of cavities and gingivitis. Thanks to Tik Tok, dentists are also finding that patients are using nail glue or superglue to try to temporarily stick fangs onto their teeth. These glues are toxic and may not come off easily or safely. Our advice? Be safe and forego the fangs, folks!

Viral Fads

Certain viral challenges involving your teeth may be funny to watch on social media but they will potentially horrify you and your dentist! Trying something like the “corn drill” or any teeth bleaching challenge can very likely chip or break teeth and cause other serious harm to your dental and overall health.  Your smile is too precious to mess with – leave the antics to others and don’t be tempted by what you see on the screen!

The Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team wants you to understand that there are a host of SAFE and HEALTHY cosmetic procedures that you can choose from to help transform your smile.  We will collaborate you to create a unique, natural-looking smile custom-made for you! Don’t be a fashion or dental victim! Always consult your dentist about cosmetic changes and never you put your dental health at risk. 

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