Tooth Fairy Tips for Parents


Are You a Seasoned Tooth Fairy?

Has the tooth fairy visited your house yet? Whether you are already a seasoned tooth fairy — or just about to earn your wings — here are some tooth fairy tips for parents to make the experience fun and memorable for your family.

Keep it Simple

While it can be tempting to go full-on tooth fairy, be careful about setting the bar too high (think fairy dust and $20 bills). Are you really going to be able to pull this off for every single lost tooth — not to mention each and every child within your household? By all means, have fun being the tooth fairy but manage everyone’s expectations appropriately.

Plan Ahead

Our children lose about 20 baby teeth in total. That’s a lot of prepping for the tooth fairy! Plan ahead by keeping a tooth fairy “box” on hand filled with cash and/or small trinkets. Chances are, at some point in time a tooth will fall out just ahead of bedtime, potentially leaving you short on time (and cash!) for that bedtime “transaction” to take place. Don’t be caught short; think ahead and be ready for those impromptu visits!

Don’t Forget!

All the planning in the world won’t help if you (gasp!) forget to show up for your tooth fairy visit. Take it from countless parents, your child’s disappointment, not to mention your own guilt, is NOT something you want to experience. Make tooth fairy visits foolproof by setting multiple alarms or reminders on your phone close to bedtime. Perhaps even enlist your toothless cutie to make a few colorful “Welcome, Tooth Fairy” signs or notes to display outside his/her bedroom to help cue your entrance later that night!

Milk It

A tooth fairy visit can be a golden opportunity to promote good dental hygiene to your kiddos. Gently remind them that perhaps the tooth fairy leaves something extra for daily brushing and flossing. Where there’s an opportunity to encourage good dental habits at a young age, we say GO FOR IT, parents! .

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Know that one day that dreaded question will inevitably come… “Mom, is the tooth fairy, real?” Sure, you can change the subject, but at some point the truth can and should come out. Just be sure to assess whether or not your child truly wants to know the truth or if they are just seeking reassurance from you that they will get something in return for that lost baby tooth. Many parents find that it’s helpful to explain that the tooth fairy is a fun tradition for parents and kids alike. Kids enjoy the surprise of finding something under their pillow while parents enjoy the excitement and smiles on their children’s faces the next morning. It’s also a good idea to encourage children not to tell their peers or younger siblings so as not to spoil the fun for others.

Above all else, ENJOY this time-honored and special tradition. Each and every missing tooth gives you as a parent the opportunity to make loving memories with your child!