The THREE Biggest Threats to Achieving A Healthy Smile

BlogPostSmileAugustHaving practiced dentistry for nearly 30 years, Dr. E has handled all types of oral issues from the common cavity to complex implants and reconstruction. Yet, she finds that many of the dental issues plaguing patients are easily preventable.  Sometimes all it takes is a little knowledge and some simple, actionable steps!

 Here are the THREE TOP THREATS to a healthy smile that Dr. E encourages patients to identify and act on for improved oral health:

1) A Poor Diet:  A proper, balanced diet doesn’t just benefit one’s waistline; the right food choices are also critical toward achieving a healthy smile. We know that too much acid and sugar in the diet can lead to the wearing down of tooth enamel, contribute to cavity formation and also increase risk of gum disease and oral infections. The solution is simple; be aware of what you consume!  Check labels for too much sugar and instead opt for fresh foods high in vitamins and minerals and choose no or low-sugar alternatives.  You will feel better and your smile will benefit!

 2) Grinding and Biting: Two common culprits that get in the way of a healthy smile are teeth grinding and nail biting.  Unconsciously grinding teeth while sleeping may seem innocent but can actually lead to serious long-term dental problems. Chronic grinding can chip teeth, damage tooth enamel, cause injury to the jaw and even contribute to severe headache.  Similarly, nail biting can chip and wear down teeth over time (and also wreak havoc on your manicure)!  The bottom line — don’t simply dismiss biting and grinding as nothing more than a pesky habit. If you are at risk, speak with your dentist about wearing a mouth guard during sleep or discuss one of another variety of remedies for these common (but potentially damaging) issues.

 3) Delaying Dental Exams: Do you work out religiously? Schedule your hair appointment every six weeks on the dot?  Yet, how routine are your dental well checks?  Even the most diligent patients who routinely brush and floss at home need regular check ups. Studies show that patients benefit the most by visiting their dental provider a minimum of two times annually.  These regular visits allow your dentist to check for and address early warning signs before they potentially become bigger issues (a.k.a. root canal or gum disease).  Are you overdue? Don’t delay — schedule that exam today (we promise Dr. E won’t make you feel guilty) ; )!

 By keeping the above information top-of-mind, patients will be well on their way to achieving and maintaining their most healthy, beautiful smiles.