Summer Dental Care Tips for Men


Hey Guys, It’s Time To Show Off Those Grill Skills…

Summer Dental Care Tips for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about key health issues affecting men of all ages. And did you know that one of the most neglected aspects of men’s health is their dental health? So, as we celebrate dads on Father’s Day – and all summer long – let’s help inspire and encourage them to improve their oral health. And, to help get their attention, we’re tying this important message into one of the summer activities they love the most – grilling!

That’s right… when your guys open their beloved backyard grills this summer – and you KNOW they will – we also want to help them focus on how they can take better care of that other important grill of theirs. So, in the spirit of Men’s Health Month, here are some tips to help your guy maintain a healthy and great looking smile.

Go for a deep clean! As summer gets underway, most guys we know give their outdoor grill a good, deep clean. They thoroughly wash it, clean the grates and burners, and wipe down the exterior.  The same care should go into their smiles! While they are (hopefully) diligently brushing and flossing, it is also important that they visit the dentist regularly for a thorough once over. Don’t let them wait until there’s a problem! The dentist will utilize special tools to remove plaque and tarter, check the gums, and deep clean the teeth to preserve that handsome, healthy smile year-round.

Stock up on tools. If his BBQ tongues, spatulas, and brushes aren’t in tip-top shape for grilling season, does your man invest in an upgrade? The same should hold true for his smile. Guys should get in the habit of routinely checking their brushes, toothpaste, floss, and other dental “tools.” Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes about every 3 months, or as soon as bristles appear frayed. Perhaps it’s time to add other tools or accessories to his dental routine, such as a water pick or electric toothbrush.  Studies show that long-term use of electrically powered toothbrushes can significantly lower the amount of tooth plaque for those who have periodontal disease.  Talk it over with your guy – or perhaps gift him one of these items for Father’s Day!

Clean after each use. Just as it only takes a few minutes to wipe down the grill, guys should get into the healthy habit of doing a “dental check” after each meal. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day – at a minimum – for at least 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque and bacteria. But it’s also a good idea to drink water throughout the day in between brushing to wash away any cavity-causing food residue and debris and dilute any acid build-up on the teeth. You can also encourage your busy guy to stock his pocket, car, or office cabinet with dental floss for quick, on-the-go touch ups.

Guard that Grill. No doubt there’s a protective cover over that prized backyard grill! But  your man’s smile also requires full-scale maintenance and protection. That includes taking good care of teeth and gums. After all, the gums provide a seal around the teeth and keep them properly bound to the underlying bone. Research also shows that there’s a correlation between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, especially in men – all the more reason to properly brush, floss and see the dentist regularly. And, if your guy recreationally plays a contact sport such as basketball, he will want to make sure that he wears a mouthguard to protect those pearly whites.

Keep the tank clean. Does your man make sure the grill’s tank is stocked with a high grade gas? Likewise, he should keep his own tank “clean” by making healthy lifestyle choices. Help him recognize that what he puts into his body affects his dental (and overall) health. He should avoid (or at least minimize) sticky, sugary foods and drinks and it goes without saying that tobacco is a no-go!

Show off those skills! In addition to wowing friends and family with his mad grilling skills, your guy should proudly show off the handsome smile that comes naturally to him with proper oral care and maintenance – as well as a little encouragement from you and regular trips to the dentist. 

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