Something to Smile About


Here is Something to Smile About…

Now more than ever, we could all use something to smile about. While we may be experiencing more stress and uncertainty these days, we can still look for reasons to be thankful and smile. Especially because smiling is scientifically proven to boost mental and physical health during challenging times. Learn more below about how the simple act of smiling can do SO much good for you and those around you… especially right now! 

It’s a natural mood mender

Smiling is a scientifically proven pick-me-up! When we smile, our brains release “feel good” transmitters that help us fight off stress. Dopamine, endorphins and serotonin serve as natural pain relievers that help us relax and feel better. So smiling is truly a no-brainer during times of anxiety and mental unrest.

It’s heart healthy

When you make a concerted effort to smile during stressful situations, you are not only improving your mindset but also giving your heart a welcome break. Smiling decreases heart rate to help stave off stress. Studies show that smiling also aids in lowering blood pressure, contributing to a healthier heart—which is really something to smile about!

It boosts your immune system

Smiling often leads to laughing, which bolsters the body’s overall immunity. A recent study found that those who practice laughter therapy experience the release of additional mood-boosting molecules that increase resistance to harmful germs while boosting the immune response. All the more reason to make a concerted effort to smile and laugh your way through this quarantine! 

It promotes positivity

While we may be experiencing much uncertainty these days, the act of smiling can “trick” our brains into helping us feel better. Regardless of the “why,” the smile itself will still cause the desired effect of lowering heart rate and blood pressure, less stress and increased relaxation.

It’s truly contagious

Your smile also benefits those around you. When you smile at someone, their brain reciprocates, causing them to smile back. So, in addition to making yourself feel better, your smile has the power to help transform someone else’s mood and overall health.

While we may be feeling that a lot has been taken away from us these days due to COVID-19, one thing that this virus can’t take away is our ability to smile! So, we continue to encourage our patients to stay strong and smile for better mental and physical health… better days are ahead!

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