Fun Dental Facts That Will Put a Smile on Your Face


10 Facts About Your Teeth That Will Put a Smile on Your Face!

Check Out These Fun Dental Facts

It’s a fact that your smile is one of the first things others notice about you. But how much do YOU really know about your teeth? The higher your dental IQ, the better you can preserve your smile. So, we’ve rounded up some fun and fascinating dental facts. Please read on and share your favorite fun dental fact with the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team during your next dental visit!

1) Your smile is one of a kind. Truly, it is! That is because no two teeth are exactly alike. While every human shares the same variety of teeth (canines, incisors, molars, premolars), the teeth are arranged uniquely within each mouth. So, it’s a fact that your smile is as unique and special as you are!

2) Having yellow teeth is actually normal. We strive to maintain a healthy, bright smile, but did you know that the teeth are naturally yellow-ish in appearance? This is due to the layer of yellow dentin that exists beneath tooth enamel. The weaker the enamel, the more yellow the teeth appear. Over time, tooth enamel tends to weaken while dentin darkens, making teeth appear even more yellow. Fortunately, your dentist can recommend a safe, effective teeth whitening procedure if you wish to brighten your smile.

3) A smile can be your greatest strength – literally. Did you know that the teeth are the hardest substance within the body? Yes, the shiny, white mineral that comprises tooth enamel is even harder than bone. That’s why you should work hard at preserving tooth enamel by brushing and flossing regularly, eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy habits. This is definitely one of the dental facts you can help improve.

4) Only about half of each tooth is visible in the mouth. The rest of the tooth is concealed below the gum line with the root helping to anchor the tooth to the jawbone. But just because this part of the tooth is hidden doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it proper TLC. Be sure to brush along the gum line to help to keep bacteria from invading the tooth roots — and while you’re at it brush your tongue, too.

5) When it comes to achieving a healthy, bright smile, brushing alone doesn’t get the job done. You see, brushing and flossing go hand-in-hand with flossing accomplishing almost 40% of the job! Flossing is the only effective way to thoroughly remove sticky plaque and harmful bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Neglecting to floss can place you at much higher risk for cavities, gum disease and tooth decay.

6) Your teeth come and go. Humans are born with toothless grins until teeth begin to erupt in infants between 6 – 12 months. We then begin to lose our “baby” teeth at about 6-7-years-old up until about 12 -14 years of age when the permanent teeth settle into place. Most people (temporarily) welcome 4 more wisdom teeth to their smiles during their late teens, but promptly have them removed. Seniors whose haven’t maintained optimal oral health may also lose teeth as they age. While teeth may come and go, a skilled family dentist like Dr. E is able to help you maintain your smile during every phase of life.

7) You don’t need some of your teeth. Speaking of wisdom teeth, they serve no purpose today when it comes to oral health. Centuries ago, they were necessary for biting into raw meats and tough roots for human survival. As our diets have evolved along with technology to help heat and soften foods, wisdom teeth have become unnecessary. In fact, they can harm your mouth because they are often hard to reach and therefore difficult to clean. So, don’t fret if your dentist recommends that you remove some or all of your wisdom teeth.

8) Your teeth can be time consuming – humans who brush their teeth the recommended two minutes/twice daily typically spend about 38 days of their lives brushing their teeth! While that may sound shocking, keep in mind that the more time you devote to your oral hygiene routine, the less time (and money) you will ultimately have to spend in the dental chair. ; )

9) Brushing too much or too quickly can be bad for your teeth. You may think that vigorous brushing will help your smile, but it can actually cause damage to your teeth. Brushing within a half hour of eating or drinking can actually harm enamel so dental experts recommend you try to wait an hour before brushing. Similarly, brushing your teeth too hard can excessively wear down tooth enamel. Instead, apply gentle pressure and always use a soft-bristled tooth brush. Leave the deep-cleaning to your dentist!

10) Taking care of your teeth extends your life. Studies show that when you smile and laugh, you are strengthening your immune system. Laughing and smiling releases serotonin to boost health and help stave off disease. The more time you devote to taking care of your teeth, the more confidently and frequently you show off your smile. It’s a win-win… and that is certainly something to smile about!

Finally, we hope you take these dental facts to heart. It’s a FACT that visiting your dentist regularly will bring smiles to the entire Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team. What are you waiting for? Contact Dr. E today to schedule your next dental check-up: 480-494-2435.