Four Reasons for Regular Dental Visits


Four Reasons Why Regular Dental Visits Are SO Important!

Are you in the habit of visiting your dentist every 6 months? The Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team hopes your answer is YES! However, it’s not just because they always look forward to seeing you and your pearly whites. Regular dental visits are essential to your oral (and overall) health. Read more about why the American Dental Association (and Dr. E!) recommends that patients schedule their dental appointments twice annually to maintain good oral health.

When It Comes to Your Smile, There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Your teeth may look healthy (to you) on the surface, but only your hygienist and dentist can truly assess proper oral health. During your dental visit, the dental team will meticulously examine your entire mouth. Special tools are used to check your teeth and gums for signs of dental decay, gum disease and other concerns. Dental x-rays taken during your appointments also help ensure that the dentist can proactively identify and treat any potential or emerging issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Studies show that early detection can be critical when it comes to preserving your smile.

A Healthy Smile Requires a Dentist’s Magic Touch

Even if you brush and floss regularly, your smile may not be immune to the build-up of harmful tartar and plaque. That’s because sticky plaque forms naturally in the mouth and covers the surface of the teeth after you eat. If plaque isn’t removed properly, problems eventually arise due to the acids in plaque attacking your teeth. This can wear down tooth enamel and cause gum disease. Once plaque is left on the teeth, it gradually hardens into tartar, further irritating the gums and accelerating gum disease. When this occurs, brushing along won’t do the job! However, your dental team has the proper tools and know-how to remove lingering plaque and tartar during your dental check-ups to keep your smile on track!

Seeing Your Dentist Helps Safeguard Your Overall Health

Before you open wide, your dentist will often begin your dental visit by examining your face and neck for any signs of head or neck cancer. They will also check your tongue for any abnormal splotches or light patches that could signal mouth cancer. As we’ve already touched on, potentially dangerous dental plaque will also be carefully removed during your check-up which is SO important because studies show that the build-up of plaque can be linked to heart disease, arterial blockages and stroke. So, we’re really not exaggerating when we suggest that seeing your dentist regularly not only improves your smile, but it can also help save your life!

There’s Always Room for Improvement

This holds true when it comes to both the health and appearance of your smile. Regular dental visits provide you and your dentist with the opportunity to share important communication about preserving and improving your smile.  You can discuss any of your concerns while your dental team will share suggestions on how you can take even better care of your teeth, including tips on brushing, flossing and the latest oral hygiene products. Your dentist may also consult with you on cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening or bonding, to help you smile even more confidently.

The Dr. E. Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team hopes that by sharing these four key reasons why seeing your dentist is SO important, you won’t be tempted to let busy schedules get in the way of you or your family‘s oral health! 

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