Foods That Whiten Your Teeth


Choose from a host of healthy foods that whiten your teeth.

Did you know that certain foods can naturally brighten your smile? While certain unhealthy things we ingest (think sugar-laden candies and drinks) may stain teeth, there are a host of healthy foods you can choose that contribute to a whiter, brighter smile.  Check out Dr. E’s round-up of healthy foods that help whiten your teeth:

Sweet strawberries. Not only are strawberries juicy and delicious, but they contain a natural astringent called malic acid that helps naturally whiten the teeth while removing plaque build up.

Cool citrus: Oranges, tangerines, and other refreshing citrus fruits also function as natural stain and plaque removers. They contain an enzyme called bromelain that work wonders for our teeth.

Awesome apples. Go ahead and crunch away. Chomping on apples will strengthen your gums and their high water content will increase saliva production. Like strawberries, apples contain malic acid that help remove stains and cleanse teeth. You know what they say, “an apple a day….”

Vital Veggies. Mom wasn’t fooling about the importance of eating your veggies. The high water content in crunchy carrots and celery help wash away food debris while strengthening your gums. Snacking on coarse, raw broccoli functions as a mid-day brush, and the lentinan found in mushrooms helps prevent build up of plaques and other oral bacteria. Active agents in these veggies may even help prevent bad breath.

Super seasonings.  We consider garlic and onion to be cooking staples, but did you know that they also help keep teeth their whitest? That’s because they contain sulfur compounds that prevent the formation of plaque. Just be sure to brush after you ingest these healthy (but pungent) savory seasonings.

Go nuts.  Almonds, walnuts, cashews, and sunflower seeds work like exfoliators for your teeth. Their abrasive consistency helps remove common surface stains that form on teeth. So go ahead… stock up on these natural nutty, crunchy goodies!

Divine dairy. It’s well known that calcium strengthens teeth, gums, and bones. The lactic acid found in yogurt and milk further helps fortify teeth while cheeses contain a milk protein called casein that helps strengthen tooth enamel. So just say “more cheese, please!”

Splendid salmon: It turns out salmon really is a superfood! The vitamin D found in salmon helps us absorb vital nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus that strengthen the teeth.

Keep the above in mind during your next trip to the grocery store and make the foods you choose give you something to smile about!

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