Top 6 Foods That Whiten and Brighten Your Teeth


Foods That Whiten and Brighten Your Teeth: Here’s a Top 6 List

You may be familiar with the expression, “You are what you eat” but did you know that the foods you choose to eat can help determine how white your teeth look? That’s right. If you want your teeth to look their whitest – and you’re already using Dr. E’s recommended ZOOM teeth whitening treatment – be sure you also stock up on the following foods that whiten and brighten your pearly whites!

1) An apple a day… really keeps your teeth whiter? Yes! They have high levels of malic acid, which cleanse the teeth and help remove stains. Crunchy apples also stimulate saliva production to help wash away any leftover food particles or debris.

2) Juicy, refreshing pineapple… who knew that bromelain, a natural compound found in pineapple, is an ingredient used in many stain-removing toothpastes? Bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids in the removal of unsightly stains and plaque. So, slice up that pineapple and make it a staple for a healthy smile!

3) Smile and say Cheese… on and off camera because cheese contains high amounts of phosphorus and calcium that protect and preserve tooth enamel. Lactic acid and a milk protein called casein found  in cheese also keeps away the tooth decay! 

4)  Oh nuts! Chewing a handful of crunchy almonds, walnuts, cashews and/or sunflower seeds not only satisfies your snack cravings – it helps remove surface stains on the teeth.  You see, crunching on nuts is a natural way to exfoliate your smile. Trail mix, anyone?

5) Broccoli please… it’s green, it’s glorious, and it’s like a natural toothbrush for your teeth! High in fiber, each bite of broccoli helps reduce inflammation while naturally polishing your teeth. The iron found in broccoli also helps protect tooth enamel from cavity-forming acids and bacteria.

6) Onions? When it comes to a brighter smile, onions are nothing to cry over! While they may not do your breath any favors, consuming raw onions has been linked to preventing the formation of plaque on the teeth. Why? The powerful sulfur compounds found in onions make it a nutrient powerhouse for your pearly whites.

The foods you eat really do contribute to a beautiful, sparkling smile, so be sure to eat and snack wisely. It  goes without saying that you should also avoid unhealthy foods and habits – think sugary candy and smoking – in favor of the healthy choices and nutritious foods outlined above.  Remember, a proper diet contributes to overall health and wellness in addition to a fabulous smile!

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