Five Reasons to Shop Local in 2022


Five Reasons Why Dr. E Wants You to “Shop Local” in 2022

Support local businesses: Your Ahwatukee friends, neighbors and local business owners need you!


Happy New Year from the Dr. E Cosmetic & Dentistry family to you and yours! We are so grateful for the tremendous support and trust we’ve earned from our wonderful community over the years. Dr. E is so honored to have been named Ahwatukee’s Best Dentist and Best in Customer Service by Ahwatukee Foothills News for the past 5 years!

With Best of Ahwatukee 2021 now open, we would appreciate you partaking in the voting once again by supporting Dr. E and your other favorite local vendors, businesses, services and venues. Here’s the link to vote, along with a roundup of the top 5 reasons to shop local in Ahwatukee!

1) Survival. Now more than ever, it is critical to support local businesses and vendors. More than 80% of small business owners claim that their businesses have suffered due to COVID. From supply chain disruptions, to shut downs, to virus variants, local businesses have had to adjust and pivot at every turn in order to stay afloat. By committing to shopping local, you are keeping a small business owner’s dreams and livelihood alive. Indeed, “shop local” has become much more than a catchphrase in the COVID-19 marketplace; it has become a symbol of solidarity!

2) Pride. If you are proud to say you are from Ahwatukee, why not put your money where your mouth is?! One of the best ways to show pride in your community is by keeping your money local (rather than purchasing from big box) and protecting the products and services that make Ahwatukee so unique. Our local shops — and the people behind them — represent the fiber of our community and contribute to Ahwatukee’s special character.

3) Quality. Sure, the ads you see on TV for that juicy burger or yummy froyo are enticing. But why consume the same stuff as everyone else when your local barista, boutique owner or restauranter has devoted their passion, creativity and skills into a unique product offering available only in Ahwatukee? They put extra care and quality into their wares because what they sell to their neighbors reflects directly on them instead of on a faceless corporate entity. Remember this the next time you are tempted by a commercial chain’s splashy TV ads and choose to shop local instead! Plus, haven’t we’ve all learned at one time or another that things are not always as good as they appear on TV?

4) The greater good. You may not realize it, but a simple purchase can go a long way within your community. When you spend your dollars locally, money goes back into the community for vital services like trash collection, road repairs, emergency services and more. Shopping and spending locally helps keep revenue circulating and in turn attracts other small businesses to set up shop– which leads to more jobs and helps secure Ahwatukee’s future growth and longevity.

5) Connection. If there’s a silver lining to the isolation imposed on us by COVID over the past two years, it’s that we now have a much greater appreciation for the power of personal connections. Let’s not take it for granted that we live in a warm, vibrant community filled with terrific and talented friends, neighbors, and business owners. Get to know them! Visit their shops, benefit from their expertise, and let their services and skills make your lives more enjoyable. Remember, where you shop is your choice. And when you choose to shop local, realize that you are helping Ahwatukee thrive!

Happy 2022 from the Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team to all of our Ahwatukee friends and neighbors! Vote today and help keep Ahwatukee the BEST community there is in Arizona and beyond!