Dental Spring Cleaning for a Sparkling Smile

dental spring cleaning

Give your Smile a Dental Spring Cleaning

Three steps to maintaining a sparkling smile this spring

It’s officially SPRING! As you tackle various spring cleaning projects, the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team encourages you to add getting a spring dental cleaning to your checklist. That’s because regular dental check-ups help keep your oral hygiene on track and reduce the need for costly and highly preventable dental treatments.

Spring into action for the good of your smile! Follow this quick and easy 3-step checklist to help keep your dental health on track throughout the season:

  1.  Upgrade your dental accessories: When was the last time you switched out your toothbrush, tried a new toothpaste or experimented with a new type of floss? Not only is it fun to upgrade to new dental accessories, but it also necessary for optimal dental health. Old toothbrushes with worn down or frayed toothbrush bristles can’t effectively reach plaque and may even breed harmful bacteria. That’s why it is wise to change out your toothbrushes seasonally, or every 3 to 4 months. While you’re at it, go ahead and try out that new mouthwash you’ve been eyeing. Better yet, think about upgrading from basic floss to a waterpik — a dental gizmo that is often better than floss when it comes to removing plaque and reducing gingivitis.
  2. Consider a cosmetic tune-up? There’s no need to wait until after Memorial Day to break out your “best whites” because a bright, white smile never goes out of style. A professional deep cleaning, along with a cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening or teeth bonding, can yield the white, bright smile you’ve been longing for — and one that you will be proud to show off all year round. Here are some other popular cosmetic dental services to consider as you give your smile a well-deserved spring tune-up.

  3. Schedule your cleaning! Even though the American Dental Association recommends dental visits every 6-12 months, a recent study shows that an alarming 1 in 3 Americans has avoided going to the dentist entirely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic more than 3 years ago! While dental anxiety and busy schedules can result in missed dental cleanings, it’s never too late to get your dental health on track. In fact, regular dental cleanings are essential to preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, cavities and other serious oral health issues that can be a pain for your mouth and your wallet! Be sure to add scheduling your spring dental cleaning to your to-do list for your dental and overall health. That’s because good oral health is also linked to the reduction of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other serious conditions.

Remember, a crisp, bright smile portrays self-confidence, makes a great first and lasting impression and is the perfect spring accessory!

Happy Spring! Schedule your spring dental cleaning today with the Dr. E Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team!