New Year, New Smile! How to Achieve Better Dental Health in 2020


Want Better Dental Health in the New Year? Here are some tips to keep your smile beautiful for 2020.

The start of a new year is the ideal time to improve upon your dental health regimen.  By implementing healthy new habits into your dental routine, you can achieve a bright healthy smile for the New Year and beyond. With this in mind, let’s kick off 2020 with some of Dr. Janet Euzarraga’s top tips for good dental health:

Brush. Floss. Repeat. It may be simple… but it works! Daily brushing and flossing truly helps in maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. But take your time and be sure to brush and floss correctly! Brush for at least two minutes using gentle, circular motions with a soft bristle or electric brush to effectively remove debris and plaque. Experiment with floss that works best for you… weather it is waxed, minty, thick or thin. Taking the time to brush and floss properly twice a day (and between meals) will preserve your sparkling smile and contribute to better oral hygiene and overall wellness!

Drink Up… but be sure to choose the right beverage! Avoid sugary drinks in favor of cool, refreshing water. Consuming a glass of H20 after every meal, and even simply  rinsing the teeth after a snack, washes away lingering plaque or debris and helps keep teeth healthy and strong.

Get a Better Brush. Considering that your toothbrush is one of your most important dental tools, when was the last time you replaced it? Ideally, brushes should be replaced every 3-4 months and the same goes for electric toothbrush heads. When bristles get too soft or frayed they are not as effective in removing harmful plaque and bacteria from your teeth. So, treat yourself to a better brush in the New Year!

Eat Healthier. Reduce the chance of cavities by avoiding sugary, sticky foods!  Studies also show that starchy breads, chips and crackers can also be cavity culprits. Instead, opt for healthy fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, carrots, and leafy greens. Other excellent snack options that contribute to a healthier smile are yogurt, cheese, and almonds.

Treat Yourself. Is there something about your smile that makes you self-conscious? The New Year presents a fresh opportunity to showcase a new you. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming more convenient and accessible to patients seeking a variety of “fixes.” If there is a procedure that has remained on your dental wish list, such as teeth whitening treatment or veneers, there’s no better time than the New Year to go ahead and schedule a consult!

Schedule (and Keep!) Your Appointments. Make a resolution to schedule dental visits for yourself and your family members twice a year. This will allow your dental team to better monitor your dental health and be proactive in treating any potential issues. Waiting too long between visits can often result in more extensive and expensive treatment! So, just as you schedule your other annual medical appointments, keep in touch with your dentist, and stay on top of your dental health, throughout the year.

As we embark on 2020, Dr. E and her team encourage you to keep the above dental health resolutions in mind. The start of a new year is truly the ideal time to take action in order to achieve a new and improved smile!

Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry wishes everyone a happy, healthy start to the New Year!  Please contact us today to schedule your 2020 dental appointments! 480-494-2435.



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