Best Dental Accessories for Summer Travel


Our Picks of Best Dental Accessories for Summer Travel

Are you gearing up for a summer family vacation? As you plan, prep and pack, it’s important to remember to keep dental health top of mind. Luckily, there’s a plethora of dental travel products and accessories readily available on the market to make it easier than ever to keep up with your oral health while you’re on-the-go this summer.

Here are some “Dr. E-approved” travel dental essentials we encourage you to include in your summer packing list:

Colgate Wisp: These packs of mini, disposable pre-pasted brushes are perfect for brushing on the go. Just wet, brush and toss — no rinsing required! Check it out here!

Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Protector: This nifty accessory clips onto most standard and electric toothbrushes and features fun, colorful options appealing to both adults and kiddos alike. The case includes a safe ingredient found in mouthwash that freshens the toothbrush while protecting it from germs as you travel. The best part? You can use the protector for up to 3 months! See for yourself here.

Freshmint Travel Toothbrush: This lightweight travel brush features a built-in handle and case so that you can easily fold it back into the case after brushing. Bonus: the case even has holes at the end to prevent water and bacteria from building up and breeding. Take a look here.

Lumino Travel Electric Toothbrush: This super-portable electric brush features a cool ultraviolet-lit case. What sets it apart is that it is self-cleaning and designed to last for up to two weeks of travel on a single charge. Order it here!

Travel Toothbrush Carrier: If you just can’t live without your trusty toothbrush from home, pack it up in this stylish toothbrush carrier with a base that doubles as a rinsing cup. It is highly portable and roomy enough to hold up to 2 toothbrushes and a travel-sized toothpaste. View it here.

Plackets Travel Floss: There’s no excuse to skip flossing with this handy product in tow! The convenient travel case stores up to 12 durable, minty flossers that feature a fold-away toothpick to help remove additional plaque or debris. More details here.

Scope Mouthwash Chewables: Limit your travel liquids, and eliminate any concerns over leakage and spills, by popping these chewable capsules into your pocket, toiletry bag or tote in place of mouthwash. They provide a zesty burst of spearmint that keeps breath fresh while you’re on-the-go. Take a peek at these portable ”poppables” here.

Crest Whitestrips: Keep your smile bright during summer family vacation photos with these convenient, thin whitening strips that couldn‘t be any easier to pack. Simply peel, apply and toss! Take a look here.

Fresh Knight Retainer/Denture Case: We love that this practical case is BPA-free and comes in a 2-pack. Available in all of your favorite colors, the lightweight but durable case is slim and easy to carry with vent holes that enhance air circulation and prevent stinkage… it’s even dishwasher safe! Order it here.

Nomatic Toiletry Bag: A good travel toiletry bag is always a must-have! This one earns points with Dr. E because it’s travel-safe and breathable — the mesh compartments enhance air circulation to prevent bacteria from breeding. Plus, the functional design features an external toothbrush pocket! View it here.

Reach Complete Care Travel Dental Kit: Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your summer travel dental needs? Grab this portable dental kit that contains all of the “mini” essentials your smile needs to stay healthy and bright on the go, from a toothbrush, to toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. Order it here.

With convenient and innovative travel dental products and accessories like these at your fingertips, there’s no excuse to take a vacation from your summer oral hygiene routine. As you prepare for summer travel, don’t leave home without adding these great products to your summer travel packing list!

Stay safe and healthy this summer – and don’t forget to schedule your regular well checks with the Dr. E Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team: 480-494-2435.